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CREDIT TeachwiseAccording to a study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association, public school teachers spend almost $500 out of pocket on materials for their students each school year. So Frontline Technologies, a leading provider of web-based software for the K-12 education market, developed Teachwise – an online marketplace for teachers to buy and sell original educational materials. No more countless hours developing lesson plans and gambling with unproven, costly material. With this tool, teachers now have the ability to find the best resources at the best price and the opportunity to resell what they no longer need — kind of like an “Amazon (dot com) for education.” With the simplified sign-up process and its unique features, such as the built-in product editor and product focused searches, teachers can quickly find a product they need for their students with ease. Free products are also available so teachers can test them before they purchase. Once teachers no longer need a resource, they can simply upload it to the website, giving other teachers a chance to purchase it. Teachwise works on the idea that hard work and collaboration build strong classrooms and even stronger students. Check it out:


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