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CREDIT Edmodo SnapshotAs a Computer Technology Instructor and Teacher for third and fourth grades at Beatrice Gilmore Elementary in New Jersey, Billy Krakower integrates a variety of technologies into his instruction. “It makes my life easier and ultimately helps my students learn better, which is what really counts,” he says. His latest favorite is Edmodo Snapshot. “Snapshot gives me a complete picture into how my students are performing against Common Core State Standards. And a major perk — it’s free!” He uses Snapshot as both a pre- and post-assessment tool. For example, to quiz his students on Fractions NF.1 for fourth grade, all he has to do is select the standard and Snapshot automatically generates a quiz with Common Core-aligned questions that he sends to his students. Once completed, he gets a visual report showing which students understand the material and which students need more assistance. “I was even able to view which specific quiz questions each student struggled with, so I could address learning gaps more effectively,” he says. “What’s more is that the tool houses content recommendations that I can assign to each student following a Snapshot quiz to help them master the subject matter. All in all, it’s a Common Core life saver,” he says. Check it out.


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