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CREDIT Famigo EDUThe 43% of K-12 teachers today that are using tablets in the classroom face similar problems. Students are easily distracted—sometimes by the content itself—and credible information sources can be hard for teachers to find. As mobile technology becomes pervasive in the classroom, the next step is to find out how to give teachers the best available instructional material, and how to help students use their tablets to focus rather than mentally wander. Famigo, a company providing safer experiences for children on mobile devices, launched Famigo EDU to address those issues. EDU is a one-to-one tablet platform for elementary school students and teachers. The secure platform lets teachers find the best content from any source, design individualized lessons online and send them directly to students’ tablets. Now in a pilot program in four schools in Texas, Famigo EDU lets teachers deliver standards-aligned content directly to student tablets from anywhere on the Internet, including websites, PDFs, licensed content from education publishers and Famigo’s own extensive content library. Teachers can remotely lock tablets to lessons or blank screens as needed, as well as deliver customized lessons to individual students. Teachers can share and organize lessons with other teachers, and students can create their own content. EDU is, in sum, a way for teachers to address students in the way they learn best—finally, on a tablet. Learn more.


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