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CREDIT eInstructionToday’s students grew up with the Internet, and their immersion in interactive games and mobile devices means they typically respond better to teaching methods that involve give-and-take among peers rather than top-down lectures. A teaching approach that leverages crowdsourcing can enable students to learn from each other through direct participation in a discussion. Now eInstruction by Turning Technologies, a leader in instructional, assessment delivery and data collection solutions, gives teachers and students the ultimate classroom instruction system: Insight 360. This system lets teachers facilitate lessons and receive data at the point of instruction by turning virtually any tablet or smartphone into a response device that relays student input to generate aggregate data. It enables learners to interact with content and demonstrate cognitive knowledge and reasoning across all question types, including unique constructed response questions where students are prompted to display work. Teachers can spark two-way conversations and make real-time assessments, changing lesson plans on the fly to meet class needs. With it, teachers can view detailed performance reports and track student progress across state and Common Core standards. Check it out.


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