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As one can’t simply throw technology at an increasingly irrelevant education system, the marriage between technology and world-class pedagogy is what will force change, according to the leaders behind Emerge Education, a London based accelerator for education startups. They are bent on creating a rich UK ecosystem for edtech investment; unlocking innovators and partnering them with key players in education. They would like others to know that:

– UK provides a sweet spot between world class education and a thriving tech scene
– Emerge Education has received over 500 applications from startups from 29 different countries, over 3 programs.
– In 12 months, Emerge Education startups have raised over £3.4m
– They partner the startups with forward thinking schools, giant publishers and experienced entrepreneur.

For more information on the thriving edtech scene in London, check out Emerge’s infograph on their 3rd startup selection process, and be sure to view the video above.


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