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CREDIT CueThinkCueThink is an innovative peer-to-peer iPad application designed to improve students’ critical thinking skills, math language and communication. At the heart of the platform are “thinklets” — video vignettes of solution strategies created by students with the help of scaffolds and rubrics. Learners in grades 4-12 develop systematic problem-solving skills, read for understanding, think more deeply and learn from each other while building a rich portfolio of strategies. CueThink leverages what students already know and do well – social media, content publishing, and gaming – and brings those experiences to the math classroom, thus deepening student engagement and learning.
 Their companion web-based teacher dashboard provides access to rich content developed and vetted by our experienced education staff. Educators can also incorporate their existing curriculum as well as create and share their own content with the community.

 A teacher user from New York said, “If you are tired of having students mainly watch you think, start using CueThink!” Download their iPad application at and create your first thinklet. Or, read how a teacher introduced CueThink in her classroom – Learn more at


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