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CREDIT Boardmaker OnlineFor more than 20 years, parents, therapists and educators alike have loved using Boardmaker software to help students with special needs achieve their goals. Now, through Boardmaker Online, educators can access the same high-quality, symbol-based teaching solution anytime, anywhere without having to download software or tote a disk. Designed for special needs educators, speech-language pathologists, assistive technology specialists and parents, Boardmaker Online provides personalized instruction and progress tracking for students with special needs. The system allows teachers to quickly find, create, organize and deliver materials, making time with students more efficient and productive. Users can create hundreds of different types of symbol-adapted activities including schedules, matching, labeling, word study, calendars, books and more. It also provides performance tracking, so teachers can measure student progress toward academic, language, social and behavioral goals. Educators can also alter text, visuals, learning prompts and accessibility to tailor instruction for each individual. To meet a diverse range of needs, Boardmaker Online is available through personal, professional and district subscriptions, all which deliver standards-aligned instruction.


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