Trends | Teachers, Data and EdTech

CREDIT Gates FoundationTo support the product development efforts of K-12 edtech entrepreneurs, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation surveyed more than 4,600 teachers about how they use digital tools and student data to tailor student instruction. The findings from this research are essential to helping entrepreneurs develop tools that are appropriate to the districts and schools that they are looking to serve. More than 93 percent of teachers in the study reported using some sort of digital tool to guide instruction, but more than two-thirds of them are not satisfied with the effectiveness of the data and tools they have access to on a regular basis. In Boston, LearnLaunch Institute is hosting “Teachers, Data, and Your Edtech Product” on Monday, September 28, 2015, a working session for edupreneurs addressing and exploring these findings and relating them directly to product development. Local teachers will reflect on the data, and founders and developers can engage and interact with educators and other entrepreneurs on potential paths forward. Learn More.


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