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CREDIT icurio KnovationAs many educators increasingly turn to digital resources as an effective way to meet the needs of all learners, the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) continues to be an upward trend, presenting both opportunities and challenges. When it comes to OER, there is a wealth of resources ready to use, but they tend to skew toward middle and high school classrooms. Additionally, not all materials are vetted and aligned to standards. Sorting through OER takes time that most teachers don’t have. One of the key advantages of OER is the opportunity it brings to use digital resources as an equalizer in the classroom. OER are relatively inexpensive (many times even free) and are more timely, engaging and flexible than textbooks. When properly implemented, organized and maintained, OER present endless possibilities. To fully leverage the benefits of OER and save teachers’ time and headaches, Knovation developed solutions, including icurio, to deliver a dynamic collection of over 360,000 educator-evaluated, standards-aligned digital resources. By providing easy access to a wealth of comprehensive, vetted OER, icurio helps teachers select and organize digital resources to personalize instruction, supporting a smooth and successful transition from print to digital.


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