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CREDIT Aristo Educational PressAristo e-Bookshelf (Integrated Science) for iPad – Teacher’s Edition has been developed by Aristo Educational Press, Ltd. The following features make Aristo e-Bookshelf much more than just an ordinary e-Book reader, but a complete mobile support package for teachers: First of all, teachers are able to access all related books, apps and resources for the whole series after downloading just this single app. This is unlike other bookshelf apps, for which users have to download books one by one after installing the bookshelf. Secondly, after logging in, teachers can access the books and resources in offline mode (except online-dependent resources like YouTube videos). This ensures that class delivery is not limited by the Wi-Fi facility in the classroom or laboratory. Teachers can also bring all of the teaching resources to out-of-school learning activities by utilizing just one iPad and this e-Bookshelf app. Furthermore, the e-Bookshelf is provided free of charge to their textbook users. Notably, there are no “In-App Purchase” items in the app, meaning that with a single-login function, teachers can access the e-Bookshelf, other apps, Teacher’s Land on the Aristo’s website and other online resources at no additional charge. Learn more.


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