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CREDIT Shmoop screen shotHere’s a hip, cool digital publishing company with a point of view. “Shmoop” (name origin story here) seeks to empower and broaden the range and depth of choices students have in life. Their teaching method revolves around the basic notion that learning is often too hard—so “we carry gallons of academic WD-40, which we squirt on the tracks whenever we can,” says their founder. “We believe that education shouldn’t be an arduous Herculean set of labors; fun is not the enemy.” They own 100% of their content and present both a consistent voice and a distinctive product offering. Their Shmoop Learning Guides, Shmoop Courses, Shmoop College Readiness, and Shmoop Test Prep balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help students understand how subjects relate to their daily lives. Shmoop “speaks student” and is “a partner in the learning process—not a dictator.” They offer robust test prep course options, including materials for all AP exams, the SAT, and the ACT. All of their products include entertaining, student-friendly concept explanations, drills, practice exams, diagnostics, and videos. They align to the latest College Board or ACT standards, and as these exams change to align with the Common Core curriculum, so too will Shmoop evolve its offerings as well. Besides, on what other site will you ever see a video called, “How to Use a Freakin’ Comma”? See for yourself.


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