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CREDIT PBS Learn More ReportThe learning landscape has shifted significantly over the past several years. Learning is now a multi-platform and multi-dimensional experience. Learners embrace technology to communicate and socialize and want to access information in multiple formats across a range of devices. The classroom is no exception to this shifting landscape, requiring that PBS, for example, innovate to create new pathways through which students and teachers can access the content they need. In order to understand the changing face of digital learning, PBS LearningMedia, a media-on-demand service offering educators access to research-based, classroom-ready digital learning experiences, recently conducted a nationwide survey of 1,540 educators, nearly two-thirds of whom (65 percent) were classroom teachers across all levels of schoolings. The findings can be found in the PBS Learn More Report. The results focused on the types of technology, tools, and content that today’s teachers are using, and those they expect to use in the coming years.

Highlights include:

  • While more than eight in 10 have access to personal computers, only a little more than half have interactive whiteboards, tablets, and electronic readers. Other tools, including tablets, mobile devices, and Chromebooks are used daily by at least one-fourth of teachers.
  • Two-thirds of teachers are using project-based learning, while half have used game-based learning and 44 percent have used blended learning strategies.

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