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CREDIT Top HatTop Hat makes it easy for professors to activate classrooms and engage students. With countless academic studies enforcing the impact of active learning, Top Hat is an easy and effective way to transform the passive lecture hall into an exciting learning environment. With a student’s personal device, students are able to dive into lectures and reply to challenging questions, manipulate demanding simulations and decipher complex graphics, live and in complete harmony with a professor’s preexisting presentation. As a strong advocate for traditional, on-campus education, Top Hat not only modernizes established teaching methods, but also facilitates new approaches by enabling professors to ‘flip the classroom,’ deploy peer, or ‘group learning’ and ignites many other creative solutions. In a world of digital distractions, thousands of professors across the globe rely on this tool to engage their students and improve learning. This Toronto-based company has 100 full-time employees and has been profitably operating since its launch in 2009 behind $22M in venture funding. Learn more.


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