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CREDIT MasteryConnect Mastery TrackerA market leader in competency-based learning for K-12, this platform empowers teachers in their move to mastery learning helping them to more easily identify student levels of understanding in real time against any set of standards. It targets students for intervention and enrichment, and drives instruction with real-time data — and all of this, to personalize learning and fuel student learning outcomes. It’s MasteryConnect, and the heart of the learning platform lies in what’s called Mastery Tracker. “Trackers” provide an intuitive, visual way to track student mastery of standards, while providing robust features such as curriculum mapping and standards-aligned item banks, to make planning, measuring, and reporting simpler. As part of the MasteryConnect platform, Socrative is an intra-instruction tool that provides a way for teachers to administer formative assessments in the moment. MasteryConnect supports teachers via its cloud-based platform, including, as well as through numerous apps on all web-enabled devices. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn more.


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