Project Pals: A Visual Collaboration Platform for Project-Based Learning

A closer look at a web-based application that supports inquiry-driven projects and deep learning.

Project Pals streamlines project-based learning (PBL) implementation by providing one shared platform for all phases of a project: students plan, visualize, and collaborate; while teachers monitor, respond, and evaluate.

The platform is designed to play a role in a wide range of subject areas, such as research projects, scientific explorations, literacy development, and critical-thinking activities.

With it, students create project assets, import media, and visualize relationships within an interactive and collaborative workspace that is updated in real time. The platform inspires students to organize their resources, structure their knowledge, and share what they’ve learned with peers, teachers, and the wider world.

At the end of a project, students have more than a shareable presentation—they have a knowledge library that they have built themselves and that they can reference and re-use for future projects.

For Teachers

For teachers, Project Pals offers the convenience of centralizing project administration in one application. The platform features a catalog of reusable Common Core-aligned projects and assignments (such as George Washington and the Issue of Slavery) developed by other teachers and the Project Pals staff.

Teachers can also create their own projects, and then evaluate students’ work using built-in rubrics. Educators can sign up for a free account to collaborate on classroom projects with their students.

The People Behind the Platform

Project Pals Founder and CEO Miriam Bogler is an instructional technology professional with over twenty years experience.

Miriam’s professional experiences include:

  • the establishment of a successful after-school technology program,
  • the implementation of a technology school plan, and
  • the creation of instructional materials for teachers to conceptualize, plan and execute projects utilizing technology.

In 2002, Miriam established Apollo’s Vision Computer Clubs, a technology-based after school educational club. Miriam collaborated with underserved public schools in the greater Los Angeles area to provide cutting-edge robotics classes for elementary students.

As founder and CEO of Project Pals, Miriam has built a web-based application that supports inquiry-driven projects and deep learning. Project Pals is the evolution and culmination of Miriam’s extensive experience utilizing technology to develop 21st century skills.

Miriam’s Pals

Her Co-Founder and COO Uri Bogler is a marketing executive with over 10 years experience building and managing teams, and developing marketing strategies across various industries, with an emphasis on digital marketing.

Uri previously served as VP of Marketing at Favor, where he led the marketing and communications efforts for the Austin, Texas-based company widely recognized as a leader in the on-demand mobile delivery sector.

He began his career in concert promotion at Live Nation Entertainment and recently led marketing, sponsorship, and communication efforts for Live Nation’s Front Gate Tickets business unit, the global leader in festival ticketing.

As COO and Co-Founder or Project Pals, Uri is helping build the mission-based edtech startup from the ground up. He is leading the go-to market strategy for the project based learning (PBL) management and design platform, in effort to help K-12 schools scale their PBL efforts and foster 21st Century Skills for the next generation of learners.

The company’s CTO, Josh Fester is a software engineer with over 12 years of experience. Josh has built and lead many technology teams for startups in every phase. He has a strong knowledge of entrepreneurship and core web technologies. He has experience with Ruby (Rails and Sinatra), Javascript (Node, Ember, Angular), PHP (Symfony, WordPress), ASP.NET, devOps, and agile development practices.

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