Developed specifically for the unique needs of faculty and shared governance, Interfolio’s Faculty Information System is quite possibly the first platform to provide institutions and faculty with a central hub for faculty to easily curate information and data throughout their careers. The platform streamlines critical faculty career processes like job applications, tenure and promotion, and research through the following impressive tools:

  • Interfolio Faculty Search enables institutions to run complex, efficient academic searches in a shared governance context, providing incoming faculty candidates with a professional introduction to the institution and faculty committees with a secure, organized digital space for review.
  • Interfolio Faculty180 collects validated faculty activity data for accreditation and compliance reporting, showing the full picture of faculty contributions.
  • Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure accommodates nuanced, complex workflows around faculty appointment, review, and tenure and provides faculty with a user-friendly, clear, secure space to submit the body of their work during their most sensitive career moments.

Using Interfolio’s platform, institutions have hired over 9,000 faculty members and decided over 2,500 tenure cases. More specifically, using the platform, Clemson University reduced time-to-hire by 13 weeks, reduced the applicant drop-off rate to 14%, and scouted 700 new candidates. Additionally, the University of Missouri System used Interfolio to uncover $3b in outstanding grants.

An institution’s success is directly connected to the success of their faculty. The EdTech Awards 2019 program recognized Interfolio with a Cool Tool Award for “Best Hiring Solution” and with Interfolio’s award-winning platform, faculty have the means to effectively tell the story of their scholarly career and institutions have the ability to enact meaningful, strategic change via their faculty’s successes. Learn more


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