Kira Talent

Kira Talent is possibly the world’s only holistic admissions solution designed for higher education.

Founded in 2012, Kira’s holistic admissions solution evolves the traditional admissions process (think: grades, test scores, canned essays) into an engaging, applicant-first experience that gives students the chance to tell their stories. The solution is unique because it was built specifically for the needs of higher education admissions, rather than HR video products on the market.

For schools, there are four key benefits to using Kira:

1. It gives programs far more insight into a student’s potential than a grade or essay. Schools are able to identify students with drive, determination, and other raw skills that will help them be successful in the classroom and beyond.

2. Using it can significantly reduce interviewing time, either as a screening tool or as an alternative to phone or in-person interviews. Clients have claimed time savings between “a few hours a week” through interview season to reporting they have reduced interview time by 50-75% overall.

3. Their suite of integrity tools and analytics help to reduce review bias by giving more visibility into behavior, scoring, and admissions decisions.

4. It also doubles as a great marketing tool for undecided applicants. With fully customizable content like a fully-branded assessment portal and a marketing ‘welcome’ video about the program, schools get one more highly engaging touchpoint with prospective students. For their applicants, free and unlimited practice questions and 24/7 support are in place to build confidence and create a reassuring experience for students.

A Cool Tool Award winner in The EdTech Awards 2019 program from EdTech Digest, Kira Talent has earned the title, “Best Enrollment & Admissions Solution” for good reason. Learn more


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