Being able to speak a common language is the prerequisite for any business or social relationship. The ability to speak fluent English can change young Chinese, Russian or Latin American students’ entire future careers and the future of their families.

However, efficient learning of speaking skills requires personal instruction, and there are simply not enough qualified English teachers in the world to answer that need.

Here’s a cool tool for all that: WordDive – an artificial intelligence-based mobile app for learning to speak a foreign language. Last year, the Finland-based company developed an AI-based innovation that can teach users to speak English fluently in only 75 hours. This would make them among the first companies to meet the need with a turnkey language learning solution.

Their innovation enables a scalable way of detecting individual articulation errors that affect understanding and giving personal instructions for correcting them. The prototype’s Net Promoter Score of 64 anticipates strong viral spreading. This app would work like a private virtual teacher, able to help each learner individually but guide millions of learners at the same time. They expect to have a commercial version of the product ready soon.

The current WordDive app and method are based on Finnish educational know-how, pedagogical practice and sensory studies. They now have over 500,000 users in 150 countries, 96% customer recommendation rate and revenue of over 1.8 million euros (2018E).

Their product is meant for self-studying and is targeted at independent adult and young adult users. They were honored as a Cool Tool Award Finalist for Language Learning Solution, part of The EdTech Awards 2019 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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