Life-Ready Literacy System from Beable

A new, Life-Ready Literacy System from Beable recently launched. Beable directly connects literacy to life-readiness so kids can reach higher levels of literacy growth and preparation for the world that awaits. This single, integrated and individualized edtech solution intertwines social-emotional growth with literacy acceleration in core content areas, career exposure and ACT/SAT prep. Powered by the proprietary BeableIQ engine, it combines data science, automation, artificial intelligence, and limitless scalability.

“We invested in the most advanced technology available to understand an individual student’s aptitudes, strengths, passions and career goals, as well as how, when and where they learn best,” shares Beable founder and CEO Saki Dodelson. “Beable is the first digital learning provider to accelerate literacy in a way that meets the needs of the whole child in a multidimensional way.”

The full Beable Life-Ready Literacy System is available for the 2020/21 school year for middle school and high school, followed closely by its elementary school offering. A special Summer FastStart remote learning program is available to help districts identify and bridge student gaps. Learn more about Beable and request a product demonstration here.


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