Report: How 2020 Shaped Perceptions of Tech in the Classroom

MDR recently released a new report, “How 2020 Shaped Perceptions of Technology in the Classroom” looking at teachers’ view of technology in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic (free for download).

Top findings include:

  • Educators are highly positive towards technology in the classroom, with 54% indicating it was very useful.
  • The use of technology devices in the classroom has been steadily increasing for decades, but no one could have imagined how quickly some schools would approach 1:1 instruction within a matter of months.
  • The schools achieving 1:1 were much more likely to be high schools (41%) or middle schools (37%) versus elementary (22%). More schools and districts are likely to outfit students with technology devices — whether to use at home, at school, or anywhere else.
  • No surprise: connectivity continues to be a major hurdle.
  • It also looks teachers’ favorite apps, and much more.


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