Report: 2021 State of Computer Science Education

Just out: a new report on the state of computer science education across the U.S.  For the first time, a slim majority (51%) of U.S. high schools offer foundational computer science, up from 35% in 2018. However, across 37 states, only 4.7% of high school students are enrolled in foundational CS., the Computer Science Teachers Association, and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance, released the 2021 State of Computer Science Education: Accelerating Action Through Advocacy. The latest data reveals that disparities exist for who has access to and who participates in computer science education. Students who attend rural schools, urban schools, or schools with higher percentages of economically disadvantaged students are less likely to have access to computer science. Published annually, the report provides the most comprehensive analysis of national progress in computer science education, featuring national and state-level policy and implementation data. You can download the report, pick a state handout from a dropdown menu, or have some fun interacting with the data at the following link. Learn more.  


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