Narrator AR

Pioneering immersive technology for kindergarten, Narrator AR app uses augmented reality to animate handwritten words off the page. It encourages children to engage essential fine motor and cognitive skills at a vital stage of early education and child development. Since 2019 Narrator AR has had over 93k app downloads, in over 55 countries. It is easily accessible on IOS and android. The free app is quick to download and get started. It is safe, offline and has no ads.

The AR Learning Hub has curriculum aligned, easy to follow learning plans that are designed for classroom use, 1-to-1 home learning or further sessions.

The extensive resource library supports a Kindergarten child’s path to learning for over a year. Teachers and children can enjoy the consistency of using one app to learn letters, numbers, write words, to further stages of storytelling and writing adventure stories.

Activity sheets have AR activation and are easy to integrate into learning programs. Instead of just writing a letter or number, go further and animate it in AR. If device access is limited, activity sheets can be used without.

Watching letters form in 3D helps young learners gain a deep understanding of how to write letters and is specifically beneficial for visual learners, home school and ELL. AR animations each have an alternative ending which is delivered in a random sequence. This encourages children to ‘write more’ and ‘play again’.

The site provides detailed instructions, free lesson plans, demos, activity programs and an extensive resource library. Narrator AR is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Mobile App Solution – Early Childhood, Elem.” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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