New Release: State of EdTech 2022-2023

Our widely-read, very popular edtech report includes vital numbers, inspiring highlights, and a closer look at the future of education. This is the STATE OF EDTECH, and featured within its pages are: 

  • Top 100 influencers in edtech
  • EDTECH1000 Companies transforming education
  • 10 Companies to Watch
  • Trends You need to Know About
  • The Future, according to educators and technologists

…and much, much more! 

Who’s on the list this year?

Students, parents, teachers, instructors, administrators, data scientists, corporate titans, startup leaders, inventors, researchers, artists, engineers, curators, coaches, instructional technologists—and all manner of people taking responsibility for their chosen spheres of influence in the edtech sector and beyond.

Plus, dozens of leading voices in education technology weighing in on the future of learning.

Don’t miss out!

Get your free copy now – right here.  



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