eGlass Station – Portable Lightboard Teaching Station

Meet eGlass Station, a wireless lightboard podium that allows teachers to face their students while the write, from anywhere in the room. eGlass is an illuminated transparent writing board with an attached specially-designed camera, which captures a teacher’s face and writing in the same window. The camera image is then flipped and projected onto a classroom display, allowing every student to see the lesson content along with their teacher’s glowing ink writing, facial expressions, gaze, and gestures. eGlass simulates eye-to-eye contact with each and every student, drawing them into the lesson and significantly boosting engagement. This one-to-one connection creates a social-emotional partnership between instructors and their students. With eGlass, teachers never have to turn their backs to write on the board again, and can see their students reactions and gauge their understanding—making classroom management a breeze.

The included eGlass software incorporates advanced A.I. that allows teachers to drag and drop any digital teaching content (including 3D objects, images, documents, webpages, etc) directly into the eGlass camera window, automatically removing the background so the teacher can annotate on the digital content with glowing ink. The entire lesson can be captured with eGlass’s built-in recording, and it works with most video conferencing software for hybrid learning scenarios.

The new eGlass Station supports the lightboard with a battery-powered, height-adjustable sit/stand podium, along with other convenient features like 360º locking swivel wheels, a laptop stand, keyboard tray, and optional WiFi-free gigabit wireless HDMI casting.

Teachers can use eGlassStation to boost student engagement through embodied teaching. For these reasons and more, eGlassStation Portable Lightboard Teaching Station is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Hardware for Education Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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