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Drawp for SchoolsHere’s a cool new collaboration tool: Moondrop Entertainment, the developer behind Drawp apps for art creation and sharing, has released Drawp for School — a classroom management app for teachers. While Drawp Unlimited focuses on children creating and safely sharing creative messages with friends and loved ones, Drawp for School is designed to facilitate collaboration between teachers and students. Using Drawp for School, teachers can distribute, collect and sort assignments by tapping and swiping to share with the entire class, or with individual students. Drawp automatically sorts and stores all work to the Drawp cloud. Multiple art tools, including over 200 colors, unique drawing textures, voice stickers, and photo collage, encourage unlimited expression. Teachers can give private audio or written feedback to students, and students can collaborate on projects together. Teachers easily create their own learning resources in the app, and can also upload worksheets or other lessons. Drawp for School is equally useful for creation and classroom workflow management. It may be used for one or the other, but its real strength is in using it for both. With creative tools and a seamless interface, Drawp looks like a tool that will inspire students to learn, create — and really immerse themselves in their work. Check it out.


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