Trends | Learning HTML with Song

This guy has charisma! Here’s a little pick-me-up for a Friday afternoon that has everything to do with the current trend of making coding accessible for students of all ages everywhere. From, one can simply listen and learn about the HTML image tag while tapping your toes. Try to forget this HTML tag after listening to Oakland-based LaeCharles Lawrence Jr.; bet you can’t do it. Sure, it’s a little crazy, but I just can’t stop replaying it! The site takes a new approach to learning code. The site is founded by Diane Presler, a San Francisco coder with fifteen years of experience as an HTML teacher. Learn HTML With Song is for beginning coders of all stripes, from designers to business people to grade schoolers. “We produce catchy music videos (seven in the can already) to get the rules of HTML stuck in your head,” she says. “The tone of the tutorials is conversational and every lesson is sprinkled with cute and funny images.” This is classy and talented applied to learning, and what a combination. You might have to stand up and dance. Have fun!


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