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CREDIT Mimio MimioBoard touch boardWith its entry into the interactive touch board market, Mimio has expanded its award-winning MimioClassroom™ suite of products to a full range of interactive teaching technology options for collaborative activities and lessons. The company’s newest addition, the MimioBoard™ touch board, features six-point Touch 360° interactivity – among the highest number of standard touch points available – for best-in-class performance. The Touch 360° interactive technology accommodates up to six single-point touch users or three dual-touch and gestures users. Whether users write or manipulate objects above, below, or parallel to one another, their control and touch experience will remain uninterrupted. Available in 78-inch and 87-inch models (diagonal size), the MimioBoard touch board provides a 16:10 aspect ratio for widescreen views. The Porcelain-on-Steel surface is classroom-rugged, projection-optimized, and erasable, so teachers can also use it as a conventional whiteboard. Check it out:

  • Richard Carvalho


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