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CREDIT iStationMore than 4 million students on more than 8,600 campuses worldwide use Istation, a computer-adaptive learning program that has academic tracking down to a science. Istation was founded in 1998. The original engineers spent years developing software that has since been proven to recognize the difference between when a student is actually struggling with a concept and when a kid is goofing off. Every click a student makes, whether right or wrong, is recorded. The data is analyzed, deficiencies are pinpointed, appropriate lessons are automatically delivered, and teachers are given a wealth of information through consumable, actionable reports. Teachers, administrators, and parents can access customizable reports 24 hours a day to see student progress. It groups students with like deficiencies and provides teachers with a link to printable lessons, lesson plans, and manipulatives that can be used for intervention. Two 2014 studies proved its data is an accurate predictor of student performance. The research focused on a Texas school district and confirmed that if students obtain a certain score on Istation’s assessments, the district can predict with 95 percent confidence that those students will pass the state of Texas’s standardized test. Testing isn’t everything, but helping teachers is pretty cool. Check it out.


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