Cool Tool | TypeTastic by Typing Master

CREDIT TypeTastic.pngThe latest typing course released from TypingMaster, TypeTastic, is specially designed for elementary school students. Learning is based on creative, pedagogical games, focusing on key memorization through color-coding and letter-grouping, hand-eye coordination, writing words, and building fluency. In the various games, players build keyboards with construction equipment, leapfrog onto lettered lily pads, and throw a cupcake party for their bug friends. Created with feedback from classroom teachers, TypeTastic brings a unique approach to teaching beginning typists, in that it begins instruction by having students use just one finger, instead of all ten. Games are easily accessible on both computers and touchscreen devices. In addition to TypeTastic, Typing Master offers the Typing Quest keyboarding courses for schools and, the number one website to test typing skills. Learn more.


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