Interactive screens have been one of the latest additions to the digital classroom, offering educators innovative ways to present knowledge and create a collaborative learning environment. Yet, to deliver their promise, smart panels have to be properly managed, maintained and secured. This is where Radix’ VISO comes in. The proven device and end-point management solution offers IT managers the first comprehensive platform to manage and monitor interactive screens across their school district, centrally from their office. Cloud-based, with no on-site infrastructure needed, VISO makes the management of thousands of panels and other devices a breeze.

Features include:

  • Remote app installation and monitoring
  • Real-time screen control for assistance and maintenance
  • Triggered alerts
  • Scheduled maintenance and updates
  • Remote power management
  • Advanced messaging: push messages and alerts to all or selected schools
  • and much more


VISO is vendor-, device- and OS-agnostic, enabling IT managers to integrate smart panels seamlessly into their monitoring and support procedures. Acting as a “central nerve system”, VISO helps school districts to maximize the value of their devices and end-points, also for heterogenous fleets including school-subsidized technologies, legacy devices and Chromebooks that are the latest purchase trend.

Developed by Radix, a specialist in device management software for the educational sector, VISO’s smart panel management solution is setting the industry standards and recently was named a Cool Tool Award Winner for Best Interactive Touchscreen Management Solution, as part of The EdTech Awards 2019. To date, all major smart interactive panel vendors have integrated VISO into their products and it currently being adopted by a growing number of schools and school districts. Learn more


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