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In today’s society, there is a plethora of resources for nonprofit leaders in the United States. However, in the “Global South” (Latin America, Africa, Asia) finding resources focused on deepening an organization’s impact are hard to come by. That’s why Philanthropy University created “the University,” a free learning platform for grassroots nonprofit leaders to expand their knowledge and skills, build their organization’s capacity and unlock greater impact, on-the-ground.

The learning platform first launched in 2015 and attracted 220,000 learners. After taking a brief hiatus to redesign their platform to better serve their learners, they’ve relaunched this past year with an optimized experience and re-tooled content. Since then, more than 15,000 new learners have accessed the platform, with more than 70% from the Global South.

Courses cover 12 practical topics and are created by leading academics and development professionals from around the world, including subject matter experts and instructors from +Acumen, FHI 360, Mercy Corps’ GirlSPARKS, Kiva and more. And their course completion rates? They rank between 5% and 17%, compared to an industry average of 5%-8%.

Coursework is supported by knowledge sharing communities where learners connect with peers who share professional interests or operate in the same country.

By blending expert instruction and engaging content on an easy-to-use digital learning platform, this solution provides access to resources that help locally-led organizations become more effective, better serve their communities, and ultimately, improve more lives.

Based on their initial data, they extrapolate that the University will positively impact upwards of 6 million people. For their work, Philanthropy U was honored with a Cool Tool Award Finalist status as part of The EdTech Awards 2019. Learn more


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