Marathon Kids Connect

This company is on a mission to get kids moving. For 25 years, they’ve partnered with educators to encourage daily physical activity in school. This past year they launched Marathon Kids Connect, a free physical activity-tracking app and cloud-based SaaS platform that makes it even easier for teachers and parents to join forces in tracking kids’ active time and celebrate their progress throughout the year.

An innovative physical activity toolkit, the offering includes an app that turns teachers’ phones into scanners that automatically sync with a cloud-based reporting platform, offering real-time data and personalized communications to parents about their child’s achievements.

Teachers can create and print runner ID cards with unique QR codes to scan laps and track activity minutes with their phone or tablet, even when no wi-fi is available. Runners can view their personal dashboard with a scan of their ID card. Teachers can run quick reports to share with administrators and district leaders. Parents can create a free account to view their child’s individual progress via the parent portal. 

Parents can log and share children’s active time at home, while teachers can manage and share data effectively and with transparency—so kids can continue building their physical activity progress whether they’re at home, at school or wherever they are.

Marathon Kids Connect recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best Emerging Technology Solution”. Learn more.


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