Amplio Learning

The Amplio Special Education Learning Platform is perhaps the first and only learning platform designed exclusively for special education in consultation with parents and a world-class advisory board, professors, and school administrators with expertise in special populations.

Designed to address chronic challenges in special education, including long therapy cycles, the shortage of special educators, and paperwork and compliance issues, today, K-12 educators using the digital platform can deliver intensive, evidence-based instruction to prepare students for success, both academically and in their everyday lives.

It works by delivering personalized recommendations based on each student’s IEP or intervention goals. Scripted instructions for educators help focus instruction by providing consistent language and maintaining fidelity to the program objectives. Within each lesson, sequenced activities and smart content help improve students’ performance as they work toward their goals. Instant feedback is provided contextually and “on-demand” to help deepen their understanding and increase motivation. Progress monitoring via probes and mastery checks are designed to help close opportunity gaps. In addition, language sampling allows for analysis of connected language in a variety of communication contexts.

Individualized interventions and automatic feedback set students on a quicker route to success in meeting their IEP or intervention goals. Integrated content and intuitive session planning save educators time and increases teaching capacity. Automated documentation and reporting improve data-driven decision making while reducing workloads and paperwork.

Launched in 2019, tens of thousands of students have received services and interventions using the Amplio Special Education Learning Platform. For these reasons and more, Amplio Learning earned Cool Tool Awards (finalist) for “Best Administrative Solution,” “Best Curriculum and Instruction Solution,” and “Best Special Education Solution” as part of The EdTech Award 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.  


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