Merlyn Origin from Merlyn Mind

Merlyn is the AI assistant for the classroom. Merlyn’s software connects to a teacher’s device and allows teachers and students to interact naturally – through voice commands or remote control – with the technology in their classrooms. With Merlyn, teachers can operate their front-of-class display, laptop, and internet applications from anywhere in the room.

Merlyn also brings generative AI to the classroom in a way that prioritizes privacy, safety, and security.

So a teacher might say:

  • Hey Merlyn. Open my deep space presentation and jump to slide 3.
  • Switch to HDMI2
  • Send this link to Google Classroom.
  • Generate a quiz based on today’s lesson.

Merlyn runs on the first-ever education specific large language models. Their LLMs enable teachers and students to have a generative AI experience that retrieves content from curriculum chosen by the user, not from the entirety of the internet. The result is an engagement that is curriculum-aligned, hallucination-resistant, and age-appropriate.

With Merlyn, the technology disappears into the background so teachers can do what teachers do best – maintain the flow of class, increase engagement, and drive successful learning outcomes.

For these reasons and more, Merlyn from Merlyn Mind earned a Cool Tool Award (Winner) for “Best AI Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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