Unison from Edsby

Edsby’s Unison education data platform and managed service is used by states, provinces, and countries. Unison eliminates data silos and ensures better education data quality and actionability across a region, safely and securely. Unison standardizes current and past educational data and makes it interoperable while carefully managing the access that’s so critical with education data.

Customers use Unison for electronic student records that follow students through their education journeys. They also use it to transform education data from one type to another for application interoperability, or for region-wide learner analytics. Unison interfaces with outdated and modern systems and uses a mix of secure open and proprietary standards to connect to data as needed.

Unlike bespoke approaches to converging a region’s data, Unison is cost-effective, and enables a way to enforce security and data governance policies while also solving the problem of edtech software interoperability with bi-directional connections to data sources. For these reasons and more, Unison from Edsby is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best District Data Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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